Everything Else About Me

All of the things that trans people do that have nothing to do with the fact that they're trans.

  1. I’m going to be in my school’s musical!

    We’re writing it ourselves. It’s going to be a zombie musical featuring Michael Jackson music. We don’t have a title yet, but we know how the story is going to go mostly and I’m so excited it’s insane. I know what role I want to play but even if I just end up being a chorus/backup dancer person or one of the zombies I’ll be happy too.

  2. crankifranki-deactivated2012071 asks:

    Since I came out queerness has dominated most of my life and thoughts. Although it's opened up my world, I feel like I've forgotten all the things that used to make me interesting. Got any advice for rediscovering my 'everything else'?

    Hi there! Sorry for not responding sooner - I’ve literally been out of the country for the past couple of weeks (and still am!).

    As far as getting “overwhelmed” by queerness, you’re definitely not alone in that regard - it’s one of those things where it’s very easy to sometimes just get sucked into “the queer community” or “the queer discourse” and suddenly all of these cool people who understand all that stuff that you might not have been sure about even on your own before are talking with you about this stuff and, and, and…

    Yeah, time to breathe. :) While I’m not sure that there’s any perfect advice that one could give that would work for everyone, I’d suggest sitting down for a little bit and think about what were the things that could bring you simple pleasure (the just “I’ll deal with the rest of the world in a little bit, it can wait” kind of pleasure) moments before your came out? What were the things that you’d do for a respite when you were stressed?

    Try revisiting those things. Perhaps you liked to take a walk in the park - maybe try to make that a daily routine. Or perhaps you played a game online - check back in on that game and see if any old friends are still around, or explore for a new one.

    Alternatively, try finding queer groups that do those things. Liked knitting? See if there’s a queer knitting group in your area. Just because queerness has accidentally become too much of your life doesn’t mean you should try to kick it back out of your life - just find a balance. :)

    Hope this helps! ~aaeriele

  3. The DC Reboot


    I think I’ll draw a DC-rebooted Cass Cain tonight, taking cues from the current redesigns and update her Blackbat costume! I really like the rebooted Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar, especially the Prisma/Copic marker-drawn look. I have a really nice set of Prismas that I never use, so I think I’ll use them!

    I’m actually really excited for the DC reboot, but I’m also just a fledgling comic book fan who has continually struggled time and time again to get into comic books. There are just too many storylines that weave between series. Like I’ll be reading Batgirl and then at the end, “To read the rest of this plot, go read Nightwing #82!” and I’m like…urm… Or I’ll be reading Batgirl and the plot will suddenly jump to something that happened in another series I don’t read, which is frustrating.

    On one hand, I like the sense of continuity between the series that’s possible this way. On the other hand, I think it’s really hard for new or casual comic book fans to get past. I understand there are people who pick up all their favorite comic books each week and that’s great, but I still think comics and their characters and stories should be accessible to anyone coming in. I feel like you either have to go all-out in reading and collecting comics, or not at all.

    I’m hoping that besides a visual overhaul (some of which I like, some of which I don’t), the DC reboot will help solve that. I am also hugely excited that they will be offering digital content, which I feel I would prefer to comics in a print medium, at least, short of really nice trade collections with high quality paper and printing.

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  4. LGBTQ history and archives


    My initial interests within the archival field related heavily to visual media and digital preservation, but recently, my interests have shifted towards LGBTQ archives. I’m extemely interested in how LGBTQ people around the world and across cultures are being represented in archival institutions, and how the treatment of those records by those institutions has changed over time. More specifically, I’m interested in how the vocabulary used in arrangement and description has changed, how materials are deemed important and subsequently selected, appraised, and stored, and how accurately the collections represent the community’s history.

    Archivists are often overlooked, but we hold in our trust the collective memory and history of many peoples and communities, and I think it’s extremely important that people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer are involved in the preservation of LBGTQ history. Currently much of the work to be done in LGBTQ archives is undoing the erasures of the past and ensuring that material is properly represented, arranged, described, and preserved for the future, and I think that’s something I’d really like to be involved in.

    I just joined SAA’s (Society of American Archivists) LAGAR (Lesbian & Gay Archives Roundtable) discussion listserv. I feel so professional. I have too many listservs, though.

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  5. dinobearthemighty:

My sis went to the store and she brought me back a novelty dinosaur ringpop.
It looks yummy.
But I feel bad eating the little guy.


    My sis went to the store and she brought me back a novelty dinosaur ringpop.

    It looks yummy.

    But I feel bad eating the little guy.

  6. I don’t think I could possibly leave this one out. One of the few ways to make an already awesome day marching in SF Pride better? Being proposed to right beforehand. ~aaeriele
[Image description: A hand resting on top of a wine-colored skirt, with a simple golden ring around its ring finger.]

    I don’t think I could possibly leave this one out. One of the few ways to make an already awesome day marching in SF Pride better? Being proposed to right beforehand. ~aaeriele

    [Image description: A hand resting on top of a wine-colored skirt, with a simple golden ring around its ring finger.]

  7. I’ve finally started to write again. For the longest time, I was scared to do so.

    "All of your past attempts have been horrible. You’re never going to get better. No one likes your writing—-"

    Shut up, pessimistic voice! I don’t need you; I’m actually making progress without you. The only sound I want to hear now is the pitter patter of my fingers hitting keys to make words appear in TeXEdit. (Yes, I do all of my writing in TeXEdit. Hardcore; masochistic; I have no idea which I am. //_> )

    I’ve started to work on a story that, if it actually gets off the ground, could turn into an actual novel. It’s only at about three chapters now, but I know where I want to take it and what I shall do once it’s there.

    I’m also planning on submitting to the Machine of Death anthology’s second volume. I have an idea for it and though I’m not sure if it will be chosen, I’ll have an interesting time bringing it to life.

    And then… I seem to have started a pretty good serialized story on my favorite forum. Sure, there are some things I need to work out with my transitions (*giggle*) and my temporary lack of driving plot, but I know that I can get it done. I’ll be getting feedback along the way and it’s good to know that something I write is making people feel good *now.*

    So if you’ll excuse me, I should probably start thinking of what I shall put in that latest update. Toodle-oo~ <3

  8. varjoenkeli:

    On second thought. No. I’m not working on things today unless I feel like it. I planned everything out, and at my current rate, I’ll have everything done over a week in advance. That’s if I take the day off and just do whatever I want. So, that’s what I’m going to do. :)

  9. I’ve been meeting the most interesting people in the most bizarre places

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  10. That one kid

    I don’t want my gender expression to be the only thing people know about me.  I’ve always been “that one kid”—that nerd, that dyke, that weird trans kid.  While all of those things were true at certain points in my life—two of them are right now—one word cannot define an entire human being.

    So what else should you know about me?  I.love.history.  I’ve been studying the Civil War for 5 years now (since I was 13).  Ask me a question about it, and there is a good chance I will know the answer.  I know the Gettysburg battlefield like the back of my hand.  I don’t obsess over celebrities, I obsess over dead people.  I’m a reenactor—you know, those guys who dress up and pretend to be soldiers a couple weekends a month, and I believe there is no better perspective on history.

    Something else?  Architecture.  I know a lot of major American housing styles (and learning more all the time).  I appreciate the essential elements of a house—doors, windows, walls, molding, ceilings, and everything else.  One day I’d love to make historic preservation a career.  For me, it’s the perfect combination of history, architecture, and hands-on skill.

    See? You wouldn’t know all that if you dismissed me as “that weird trans kid”.  True though it may be, “transgender” is only one of millions of words that I could use to describe myself.