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All of the things that trans people do that have nothing to do with the fact that they're trans.

  1. The DC Reboot


    I think I’ll draw a DC-rebooted Cass Cain tonight, taking cues from the current redesigns and update her Blackbat costume! I really like the rebooted Supergirl by Mahmud Asrar, especially the Prisma/Copic marker-drawn look. I have a really nice set of Prismas that I never use, so I think I’ll use them!

    I’m actually really excited for the DC reboot, but I’m also just a fledgling comic book fan who has continually struggled time and time again to get into comic books. There are just too many storylines that weave between series. Like I’ll be reading Batgirl and then at the end, “To read the rest of this plot, go read Nightwing #82!” and I’m like…urm… Or I’ll be reading Batgirl and the plot will suddenly jump to something that happened in another series I don’t read, which is frustrating.

    On one hand, I like the sense of continuity between the series that’s possible this way. On the other hand, I think it’s really hard for new or casual comic book fans to get past. I understand there are people who pick up all their favorite comic books each week and that’s great, but I still think comics and their characters and stories should be accessible to anyone coming in. I feel like you either have to go all-out in reading and collecting comics, or not at all.

    I’m hoping that besides a visual overhaul (some of which I like, some of which I don’t), the DC reboot will help solve that. I am also hugely excited that they will be offering digital content, which I feel I would prefer to comics in a print medium, at least, short of really nice trade collections with high quality paper and printing.

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